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RICKROLLERS Duel Cup | 25th October | written by KeRpaL, 2014-10-06 14:56 CEST (0 comments)

Hello, this is 11th edition of RICKROLLERS tournament series.
I'm presenting you a duel cup.

Gametype: Duel
Date: Saturday, 25th October
Time: check in 14:30, start 15:00 (GMT+1)
Format: Groupstage (4 players in each group) - Best of Three
Two best players of each group advance to Best of Three, Single Elemination brackets.
Grandfinal is Best of Five.

Map picking: drop-drop-pick-pick-drop-drop-pick
Cointoss winner drops first.

Map pool:
* wdm2
* wdm5
* wdm6
* wdm10
* wdm12
* wdm15
* wdm17

This edition I have added wdm5 and removed wdm14.

IRC: #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet
Admin: KeRpaL
Stream: TBA
Prize: TBA
Website: http://rrcup.tourney.cc/11/sign-ups/ [rrcup.tourney.cc]

Sign-ups are now open. Have fun and good luck everyone.
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