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RR: XMAS Duel Cup on 21st December - Ho, written by KeRpaL, 2014-11-18 17:13 CET (0 comments)

After recent cup-storm by me I decided to take a break with cups as I thought that could be too much for such tiny scene, but now, I'm here to announce you, a month ahead, XMAS Duel Cup that will take place on 21st December, that's gonna be the last cup of the year propably. I hope to see many new and old faces in this one, hopefully most of you will have free-time by this time and will be able to play and watch. I'll try to get stream by Jehar this time for sure for maximum quality cup.

Day&Time: 21st December, check-in: 14:30-15:00, start: 15:00 GMT+1 - (Warsaw/Berlin/Paris time)
Format: Double Elemination Brackets BO3, Grandfinal BO5 with 1:0 advantage for WB Final winner

Map picking: pick-pick-drop-drop-pick.

Map pool:

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*if you get any problems signing up with captcha, contact me on IRC, I will add you myself.

IRC: #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet [webchat.quakenet.org]
Stream: TBA
Prize: TBA

This cup has 5 maps so maybe lower-skilled players won't scared they are not good on all 7.
No prizemoney announced yet, if I get donations I will announce.

have fun and good luck everyone !!!
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