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BOSS CUP written by KeRpaL, 2015-01-19 18:32 CET (0 comments)

Yo hommies,

KeRpaL is back with a ReAl MuThaFuCkA NiGgA Cr4Ck FuK BitCheZ Boss duel cup !

Day&Time: 8th February (Sunday), 15:00 (Berlin/Paris/Warsaw time), check-in start: 14:30
Format: Groupstage BO3, two best players advance into BO3 Single Elemination Brackets, Grand final is BO5

Map picking: pick-pick-drop-drop-pick.

Map pool:

SIGN UP !!!!!!! CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN UP !!!!!!! [rrcup.tourney.cc]

*if you get any problems signing up with captcha, contact me on IRC or Private Message, I will add you myself.

IRC: #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet - My nick: KeRpaL_ | some guy stole KeRpaL nick :x
Stream: TBA
Prize money announcement:

#1 250 euro
#2 150 euro
#3 100 euro
#4 50 euro
#5-8 30 euro

Total: 670 euro

Stream: TBA, possibly Jehar

This is gonna be propably a cup with biggest prizepool so far. Money is collected from a real-life friend of mine who is an amateur of Warsow (bipbeta/ca player) who has his own company and some spare money. Money is transfered by Paypal ONLY.

have fun and good luck everyone !!!
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guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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